Canon Pixma TS3340 Driver Free Download

Canon Pixma TS3340 Driver Free Download

Canon Pixma TS3340 Driver Free Download– The Canon PIXMA TS3340 is an all-in-one consumer inkjet photo printer (print, copy, scan) (print, copy, scan) designed for family and Home Office use. The update for TS3120 was reviewed here back at 2017, TS3340 is somewhat similar in price and features to HP DeskJet 3755, another budget-friendly AIO. Like its predecessor, TS3340 is a fundamental engine with slow print speeds, high running costs, and the smallest features set among Canon’s photo-centric range of cameras, Pixmas. What TS3340 has happened to it is the top quality output, especially the photos. It’s suitable for families who care about printing some nice photos every month, as well as printing or copying occasional documents.

Choosing PIXMA
Currently, the PIXMA TS series consists of just under 10 models, with TS3340 as the most basic of the collection and Editors ‘ Wide format choice ‘ TS9521c as a feature-rich flagship. Lastly, of course, record the fastest print speed, the automatic document feeder (ADF) to send a MultiPage document to the scanner, and a five-color ink palette, rather than the main color of the four standard processes (Cyan, Magenta, yellow, and black).

Like TS9521c, midrange TS6320 and TS9520 add a Photo Black cartridge, to darken the text and enrich the black area in the photo, as well as the CMYK Quartet. Two high-end Pixmas, TS8320 and TS9120, come with a sixth ink – a Photo Blue that expands the color gamut of the printer to enhance the photo area such as the sky and the body of water.

At the bottom of the ladder, TS3340 is tested here and TS5320 brother uses only two cartridges, one contains black ink and the other holds Cyan, Magenta, and yellow. The main drawback of this 4-in-2 cartridge system, also seen in some other low-end AIOs from both HP and Canon, is that when one of the three reservoirs is empty, you have to replace the whole tank, wasting ink and increase the cost Running.

As mentioned, the features vary greatly in this family of printers, with only a format width of TS9520 and TS9521c offering ADFs. Only the TS9 series models support the Ethernet cable network, as well as higher paper input capacities, such as the 2 100-sheet tray versus the TS3340-single 60-sheet pull-out tray and the load from the back of the engine.

The TS3340 ‘s paper tray can also be configured to accommodate up to 20 sheets of 4 by a 6-inch or 10-sheet 5 by a 7-inch photo paper, which is almost identical to some of the other models mentioned here. However, this PIXMA does not support photo paper larger than 5 by 7 inches; You cannot print an image 8 by 10 inches indefinitely, a much larger size.

Another limitation of TS3340 is the lack of support for automatic two-sided printing and a limit of just 20 copies per job. In addition, some PIXMA TS Higher-end models print from various SD card sizes, the preferred memory device for most digital cameras, while TS3340 does not.

The advantage of a dipared-down set of features like this is that you get a smaller, lighter engine. At 5.8 by 17.2 by 12.5 inches (HWD) and weighing a little £8.5, TS3340 took very little space and was easy to move around. It is the same size as its predecessor and is almost identical to the heavier Step-up (and will soon be reviewed) PIXMA TS5320, and is more compact than the 3755 DeskJet, which comes with a sheet-bait scanner rather than a flatbed.

It’s also slightly smaller and lighter than the same Epson positioned Premium Expression XP-5100 small-in-one, although the latter holds about twice as much paper and offers some other features, such as SD card support and Four ink cartridges instead of two.

Unlike the most high end-class consumer photos of AIOs, one of these price of Canon sacrifices is that the control Panel consists of a 1.5-inch LCD naviated and operated from a variety of buttons and function keys instead of touch screens.

As for the monthly print volume rating, Canon does not issue a recommended volume or maximum duty cycle for this lower engine. Suffice it to say that some factors – print speed, paper input volume, ink page cartridge results, lack of duplex support, and high running costs (more on them in an instant) – lowered TS3340 to very-simple-volume Task. If you churn out more than 50 to 100 documents or photos each month, you should see further TS product lines.


Canon Pixma TS3340 Driver Free Download Support:

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows XP
  • Mac OS
  • iOS
  • Android


Canon Pixma TS3340 Support for Windows x32/x64

Download —=> Full Driver Software Package
Download —=> XPS Printer Driver
Download —=> MP Drivers

Canon Pixma TS3340 Software for Win x32/x64

Download —=> Full Set Up Software Package
Download —=> EasyPhotoPrint Editor
Download —=> IJ Network Device Setup Utility

Canon Pixma TS3340 Software for Mac Os X x32/x64

Download —=> Full Set Up Software Package
Download —=> EasyPhotoPrint Editor
Download —=> IJ Network Device Setup Utility

Canon Pixma TS3340 Support for Linux x32/x64

Source File Drivers for Linux
Download —=> IJ Printer Driver Source File
Download —=> ScanGear MP Source File

RPM Packagearchive Drivers for Linux
Download —=> IJ Printer Driver RPM
Download —=> ScanGear MP RPM

Debian Packagearchive Drivers for Linux
Download —=> IJ Printer Driver Debian
Download —=> ScanGear MP Debian

Canon Pixma TS3340 Manuals for Windows x32/x64

Download —=> User Manual

Canon Pixma TS3340 Manuals for Mac x32/x64

Download —=> User Manual

Canon Pixma TS3340 Manuals for Linux x32/x64

Download —=> Guide ScanGear MP for Linux
Download —=> Guide IJ Printer Driver for Linux


Download —=> Getting Started Guide

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