Canon Pixma G1220 Driver Download

Canon Pixma G1220 Driver Download

Canon Pixma G1220 Driver– The Canon PIXMA G1220 MegaTank offers ease of printing. It’s among Canon’s innovative printers that offer refillable ink tanks with excellent capacity, enabling you to reduce running costs and improve productivity.

The G1220 is a single-function printer and is very easy to use. With a simple control panel and a variety of printing options, it is a perfect device for the home environment and small businesses. Whether you want to tackle text documents or photos, this printer gets your attention.

Canon PIXMA G1220 Design

The G1220 is one of the few printers with a super stylish design. At a glance, I do not feel it is part of the Canon family, as it does not have the rounded edges found in most Canon printers. Instead, it has straight edges that emphasize a fresh look.

This model is made of high-quality plastic material that promises firmness. With robust construction, it does not rattle during operation. A fashionable combination of gray top and a black bottom plastic cover is a perfect focal point in your workspace.

Using this device will not be a big problem even if you are a beginner. Thanks to simple buttons on the top of the device, printing is easy. However, this printer does not have an LCD screen for easier control and setup.

The G1220 is an excellent space saver. It measures 5.4 inches high and 17.6 inches wide and 13 inches deep, allowing the device to fit in a small space on your couch. However, the depth rises to 22.2 inches during use, so you need to make sure the area is clean.

The overall look of the G1220 is fantastic, from high-quality materials to color combination to straight design. It is not surprising that this will be a focal point in a particular room.

Canon Pixma G1220  for Home printer only

Canon G1220 is a single function printer, which means that it is only with printing functions. Without the support for scanning and copying, I expect the manufacturer to be able to focus on optimizing printing performance.

or print technology I do not have much to say. This inkjet printer supports color and black output with a maximum print resolution of up to 4800 x 1200 dpi. It is standard to deliver your high-quality print results, both for text and photos.

There are many features to suit your specific printing needs. You can take advantage of this device to print documents, photos, business cards, labels, and greeting cards. In addition, it also supports borderless printing with a maximum size of 8.5 inches by 11 inches.

Canon Pixma G1220  Printing Speed

Pressure speed is not the best side of the G1220. Despite the fact that the manufacturer claims that it has a fast printing speed, I found that the rating is below the level. Compared to its MegaTank counterparts like Canon PIXMA G3260 and Canon Pixma G2260, this printer can not impress me.

Canon rates this model at 9.1 pages per minute for black and 5.0 pages per minute, which is fairly slow for printers in its class. Meanwhile, the G3260 and G2260 have higher pressure values ​​up to 10.8 ppm and 6.0 ppm for black and color respectively.

However, I can confirm that the G1220 is not the slowest printer I have ever seen. The fact that it is designed for home use and small businesses, this speed rating is no matter what.

Canon Pixma G1220 Input Capacity

Most entry-level printers have a relatively low input capacity and Canon’s G1220 maintains this tradition. It is equipped with a rear input tray that allows you to load up to 100 sheets of plain paper. Or you can also load up to 20 sheets of 4 x 6 sheets for photo printing.

This paper capacity is just enough for the home environment and small businesses with low print volume. You can easily handle everyday printing without reloading the paper every time you want to print. As with other entry-level printers, it does not provide the input tray or the automatic document input.

In terms of media size, the G1220 supports a variety of size options. You can print on paper as small as 4 inches by 6 inches to Legal. This model can also handle sizes of 5 inches by 5 inches (squares) as well as US # 10 envelopes.

Furthermore, it is compatible with a wide variety of papers, from gloss to matte. With creative projects and artwork, the G1220 lets you print on recoverable photo paper, magnetic photo paper, and cardboard.

Canon PIXMA G1220 Output Quality

The marketing materials boast the fact that the G1220 has the ability to deliver sharp black and bright colors for documents and photos. But since it is an entry-level printer for home use, I tried not to expect too much.

After a few tests, I came to the conclusion that Canon’s G1220 is worth it. It may be designed to handle everyday printing in the home, but the ability to deliver high-quality production is amazing.

It works great with text because it has produced well-formed characters without any quirky spacing. Even when I tried small fonts, the text was very readable and easy to read. Not to mention, it displayed a sharp black color, with a quality close to the laser printer.

On another test with screenshots, the G1220 impressed me a lot. Thanks to hybrid ink that makes it possible for the device to deliver bright, clear, accurate colors. Although the photo quality is not even close to the consumer-centric photo-centric printers, it is more than enough for your hobby and art projects for children.

Overall, I am satisfied with the reliable production quality that the G1220 offers you. Without having to buy expensive five-ink printers, you can enjoy excellent text and photo results.

Canon Pixma G1220 Refillable Ink Tank System

As the name suggests, the G1220 MegaTanks emphasizes ultra-high capacity refillable tanks. Compared to ordinary ink cartridges, these tanks offer 30 times more capacity. This means it offers a higher page yield and lower print costs.

The G1220 has four individual ink tanks (CMYK) housed at the front of the printer. It uses pigment-based black ink and color-based color ink and is compatible with the GI-21 ink type. While the black ink bottle can deliver up to 6,000 pages, the color ink bottle makes up to 7,700 pages.

The refillable ink tanks are supported by new ink bottle technology that enables easy refilling. Each bottle has a specific design that ensures that you fill in the right color. The technology also allows you to fill in problems without any problems, as it stops as soon as the tank is full. It is waste-free and hassle-free.

Canon Pixma G1220 Easy Software Connectivity 

To my surprise, the G1220 does not support wireless connectivity. The only interface is Hi-Speed ​​USB which promises a reliable connection to your computer. But still, the lack of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth means that it is impossible to connect the printer to your smartphone.

Let’s switch to software, enough with the connection. Each purchase of this printer includes a printer driver, Easy-PhotoPrint Editor, and PosterArtist Lite. With the two least mentioned software, you can edit and enhance photos before printing.

Clearly, the G1220 does not support mobile printing, as it cannot be paired with a smartphone. But you can use the included software to enhance your photos.

Canon Pixma G1220 Driver Download Support:

  • Windows 10 Mobile
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows XP
  • Mac OS
  • iOS
  • Android


IJ Start Canon Pixma G1220 Set UP & Drivers Download

  • Canon Pixma G1220 Driver Support Windows x32/x64

Download —=> Full Driver Software Package
Download —=> MP Drivers

  • Canon Pixma G1220 Software for Win x32/x64

Download —=> Full Set Up Software Package
Download —=> EasyPhotoPrint Editor

  • Canon Pixma G1220 Software for Mac Os X x32/x64

Download —=> Full Set Up Software Package
Download —=> EasyPhotoPrint Editor

  • Canon Pixma G1220 Driver Support Linux x32/x64

Source File Drivers for Linux
Download —=> IJ Printer Driver Source File

RPM Packagearchive Drivers for Linux
Download —=> IJ Printer Driver RPM

Debian Packagearchive Drivers for Linux
Download —=> IJ Printer Driver Debian

Canon Pixma G1220 Manual Setup Free Download

Download —=> Getting Started Guide

  • Canon Pixma G1220 Manuals for Windows x32/x64

Download —=> User Manual

  • Canon Pixma G1220 Manuals for Mac x32/x64

Download —=> User Manual

  • Canon Pixma G1220 Manuals for Linux x32/x64

Download —=> Guide IJ Printer Driver for Linux


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